Democrats Don't Always Roll Over

Apparently the consensus (at least from readers of this blog) is that Democrats will roll over with the Negroponte confirmation. It's probably true that Negroponte will be confirmed, and the best that we can hope for is that a lot of noise is made throughout the confirmation process like the stance taken against the Gonzales nomination. The notion of Democrat's rolling over, however, is not completely fair to the Democrat's (so far) successful efforts to uphold 20 Bush judicial nominations. I suppose an argument can be made that these are just as important as confirming people like Negroponte and Gonzales, and that Democratic efforts to fillibuster these appointments are laudatory. So it's good to keep in mind that Democrats haven't been rolling over to everything the Bush Administration puts forward. I bring this up because I just finished reading an excellent post from Matt at 1115. He reminds us that Bill Frist is trying to "go nuclear" on the Democrat's ability to fillibuster judicial nominees, and also points out that Pat Robertson has warned Frist that if he can't deliver the "nuclear option", he can't assume he'll have the Religious Right's support if he ran for President. Since we know that Frist is jonesing to be President, and since we know it's basically the kiss of death for a Republican to run for President without the Religious Right's support, we can assume that Frist will do everything in his power to change the rules and eliminate Democratic resistance. Now I'm not sure what Democrat's can do to respond to the "nuclear option," but they've got to do something, and I'm pretty confident they'll do everything in their power to stop him. Like Matt, it's more than a little ironic that the Party so eager to tout its ability to dish out democracy abroad is so eager to squash it back home. Not that anybody here notices. Or cares.