He's Baaaaaaack

Via War and Piece, it appears that Ahmed Chalabi is positioning himself to be the next Prime Minister of Iraq:
WASHINGTON - The former Iraqi exile leader who helped found the Iraqi National Congress, Ahmad Chalabi, is seeking his country's highest office and says he has accepted an informal nomination to be prime minister. In a phone interview yesterday with The New York Sun, Mr. Chalabi said he had said yes to the request from prominent members of the United Iraqi Alliance list, the slate of candidates that will likely control a majority of seats in the transitional national assembly to be announced in the coming days. [...] If Mr. Chalabi manages to secure enough support to be prime minister of Iraq, it will mark an extraordinary comeback for the man most analysts wrote off last May, when American and Iraqi soldiers raided his home and confiscated computers on charges that he had employed thugs to bully bureaucrats in the finance ministry. Throughout last summer, Mr. Chalabi was targeted by an untrained judge appointed by the Americans; all charges were eventually dropped. The CIA had written off the former banker as having no political base in Iraq, while leading Democratic politicians blamed him for fabricating intelligence on Saddam Hussein's links to Al Qaeda and arsenal of weapons of mass destruction.
And how could they forget his ties to Iranian intelligence? Isn't democracy grand?! Also, as The Left Coaster notes, this is great news for US military in Iraq because it means they'll be kicked out coming home soon! And in other Iraqi related news, Swopa at Needlenose has two great posts on the effects of the Iraqi elections, especially in light of the Kurds' success at the polls. Frankly, I'm so sick of posting about Iraq. I really wish the elections were the "be all, end all" they were presented to be, and I really wish that I wasn't compelled to post on everything I find outrageous and disgusting. You'd think that I would be numb to it all by now, but unfortunately, not yet.